Wednesday, July 18, 2012

creative avoidance.

Oh hello.  Long time, read?  This summer has flown by for this family.  Quick update: husband's 10 year high school reunion {awkward}, my birthday, sister's wedding, time with sis-in-law {Sara!!}, father's day, finally seeing my best friend!, caring for 4 kids, swimming at the in-laws, cleaning/remolding the downstairs so my mom and 8 year old little brother can move in, pack up and take 3 kids all the way to Wisconsin for the July 4th holiday {so very fun!}, walking 2.5+ miles 3-5 days a week, then swimming lessons begin.  So, yes, I think you are some what caught up now.  I did forget to mention all the food making, cleaning, and laundry that took place too?  That silly laundry takes up so much time!  And I have 2 dogs.

Maybe it isn't my busyness that has kept me away from blogging.  I tell myself that it is but maybe it is actually that I don't want to tell you how I am doing in regards to the food issue.  {see previous post} It's not easy folks.  At all.  But I have been so touched by many of you through sharing my struggle!  You have been open and honest with me about your own struggles which in turn has encouraged me to keep going and know that I am not alone.  Many of you have been so supportive and quite the cheerleaders for me!  Thank.You!!

Here are the facts so far:

Starting weight: 5/31: 184lbs...yikes!
Current weight: 7/18: 178.2lbs 5.8 lbs down!  I'm happy with that.  It is a move in the right direction.
Exercise: walking-started out doing 3 days a week, 2-2.5 miles in the morning and this week we {my mom-in-law, the 4 kids, and I} are doing 5 days!!  I really do enjoy walking especially after I got my pedometer and I can clearly see that I am doing something.  Through my hubby's work, I get points for various healthy activities and one of them is walking 10,000+ steps a day {verified by the handy little pedometer}.   I know I need to do more, so tomorrow I hope to get up and run a bit before my hubby has to go to work.  It is so hard to get out and exercise with little kids because they don't exactly enjoy walking/riding their bike for an hour.
Overall health/feeling:  Ugh, I have been SOO tired!  I thought exercising and eating right was supposed to help you have more energy?  What gives?  Maybe I need to be more the 5 days a week things.
Food: Well, I have not been counting my calories...that is probably why the scale has not moved more in 1.5 months.  There have been days when I REALLY want to consume all the sweets in the house.  It is really hard to break this habit.

I hear my baby waking up so I have to quit for now.  I really hope to make this more of a weekly thing.  But seriously, with 4 kids in the house I barely have time to shower! (:

forever His,