Tuesday, December 18, 2012

our busy day.

My son loves to write stories and I certainly enjoy hearing what is in that little mind of his.  Here is his most recent assignment where he was to tell about a particularly busy day of ours.  It just so happened, that yesterday was that day.  These are his exact words.  No editing. (:  Enjoy! 

Noah, age 6

Our Busy Day 
 by Noah Combs

A sunny, Monday morning, I got up and got dressed and had breakfast.  After I got done eating breakfast, I got ready for school.  I did math and handwriting and we did language arts.  Then after we were done doing school we went to Columbia at 11:15am.  We ate lunch in the car.  I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while my mom was reading me Pooh Corner.  Then when it was time to go inside to the doctor, we went inside and sat down.  And Mommy talked to a lady about Lilly’s appointment then after that she came and sat down for a while.  Then the doctor came.  She checked Lilly’s ears and take her temperature.  And the lady said her left ear was worse than her right ear.  Then we went to pay and me and Taylor got a sticker.

Then we left to Schnuck’s for Lilly’s medicine.  While we were waiting for Lilly’s medicine to get ready, we bought some groceries.  Then after we were done buying groceries we went and picked up Lilly’s medicine then we left to JC Penny’s.  Then we went to return one of Lilly’s dresses that Grandma bought her because it was too small then we bought her a new one.  And we paid for the new dress then we went home.  Then we got home at 3pm.  And when we got home Lilly and Taylor fell asleep.  And Mommy brought them into bed. After she was done putting them to bed, me and Mommy finished school.  Me and Mommy cleaned up the living room.  Mommy worked on dinner.  Mommy made chicken pot pie for me, Mommy and Daddy and Lilly and Taylor.  Then after that me and Taylor had our chocolate.  And Lilly took a bath.

Before Mommy made dinner, and before Daddy got home from work, me and Taylor were playing in our room and when Daddy got home we went out to see him and give him a hug.  And after that I went back into my room to play. 

Mommy said, “You don’t have to be in here.” 
And I said, “Ok.” 
Mommy said, “I would appreciate it if you would clean up your room for me.”
I think I said, “Ok” or maybe not.  Anyway, I cleaned up my room for Mommy. 

Later that night, Mommy told me and Taylor that we could watch a movie.  It was a Veggie Tale movie.  After the movie was over Mommy told us we could watch a Christmas movie and we watched a movie about Santa.  After the movie was over me and Taylor went into the living room.  Daddy asked us to get dressed and ready for bed.  Me and Taylor got dressed and ready for bed.  Then we went to bed.  And Daddy prayed with us and Mommy came in and prayed with us.  And before all that happened, Mommy was making Taylor’s stocking.  Mommy almost finished it.  After Mommy prayed with me and Taylor, me and Taylor fell asleep. The End.