Friday, July 22, 2011


I have been in hiding for over a month now.  It's called the packing, moving, adjusting, hiding place.  Honestly, I just could not bring myself to write about anything.  Why is it when there is so much going on it seems as though I have nothing to say?

Oh boy, where to start.  Well, we still have yet to close on the house we want to buy.  Just typing that brings frustration.  Today is the 3rd closing date we have set but, yet again, we will need to extend it.  Problem is I have not heard from our loan officer or realtor about a possible date to change it to.  Worried?  Slightly.  Over it?  Getting there. (:

Last year for our anniversary, Alan and I took a trip to South Dakota for 5 days and we loved our time together.  So, this year we wanted to do something similar and had decided Tennessee would be close enough in driving distance and some where neither of us had visited.  {Nashville here we come!}  Our anniversary is tomorrow-still don't know when we are closing on our house-we planned to leave tomorrow for a week-this pregnant lady is not so happy with so much unknown.

Here's my predicament. 
The house needs a crack repaired to stop the small leak in the basement, new carpet, and new paint.  We need to repair the crack, wait for rain to be sure the seal worked, then lay carpet in the basement.  While waiting on the rain, we can paint, lay carpet upstairs, and begin to move in.  And we are so ready to be in our own place again! 

Our original plan, when we were supposed to close on our original date, was to get all this done and move in before we went on vacation.  Then with the 2nd change the plan was get the painting done so the guy could lay the carpet upstairs and we could move everything in before we went on vacation.  And with the 3rd change panic set it.  That date is today, the day before we wanted to leave.  But after some talks with Alan and my wonderful mother-in-law {she is seriously an angle!}, our plan would be to paint the next couple days after closing so the guy could lay carpet while we were gone and when we got back we could move everything in upstairs before Alan had to return to work.  Our vacation would be shorter, but that is okay.  {I think I am going to have a hard time being away from my boys anyway}  That plan worked for me.  I liked the idea of moving in after we got back.  I was starting to get excited once again.

Well, as we found out yesterday, that plan would change...for a fourth time.  So, now our plan is so try to leave tomorrow {hooray!  I'm excited!} and come back Tuesday/Wednesday.  Hopefully our loan will be ready to close by then!  

Maybe our experience is a typical to buying a home...I don't know.  I just know that we have learned what questions to ask, not to expect any closing date to really be correct until there is a time set, have patience, and take our time shopping around for a loan because you will be dealing with that person/people/company for a while. 

Enough about the loan and house. 

The change of pace here in Fulton has been wonderful! {most of the time} I do miss my friends and Super Target. (:  Alan's job is so much less stress it is almost boring for him.  Don't worry, he is staying busy with the house craziness, the boys, and I.  Noah and Taylor LOVE being able to see Grammy and Poppy {and of course, Uncle Austin} every day.  I am so grateful that they have opened their home to us while we are in between homes ourselves. 

Noah just finished swimming lessons and I could not be more proud of him!  He went from being terrified of get his face wet, to swimming 6 feet, or so, on his own!  I really enjoyed spending that time with him each day and being in the pool during 90/100 degree weather wasn't bad either.  Mr. Taylor is in no way scared of the water.  He will jump in on his own if you are not looking!  We have been working with him in the water too.  {My in-laws have a pool and my pregnant self has loved spending time in it!}

Baby girl is doing great!  I found a doctor I really like and everything seems to be going well.  Starting to feel all the wonderful things that happen in the third trimester, but that just means I am so closer to meeting my little girl.

Before this reaches a length that no one will want to read, I'll stop. (:

Will post pictures soon!