Saturday, August 9, 2014

dear sweet one.

dear sweet one,

I went to lunch with Daddy and Asher today.  Thought since your other siblings were with your grandparents we should get out and see the outside world for a bit. I even showered and put on makeup! *gasp* I wore my yellow scarf to brighten my day and remind me of you - sort of a way to still take you with me.

I felt sick this morning and could not bring myself to eat so by 2pm I was ready for some food!  Daddy and I settled on a steak house with yummy cheese fries - that's what I really wanted. *smile*  Sadly, I couldn't eat much; guess my appetite is not fully back yet.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you was after lunch Daddy treated me to a pedicure - such a sweet thought!  I chose yellow for you.  I can honestly say I have never put yellow on my nails - ever.  Until you. I'm more of a pink or red kind of girl, but I'm enjoying this change.

So, it sure felt good to have these momma feet scrubbed and lookin' pretty.  I did ask the sweet lady if she would do a flower on my big toes.  I wanted a little something special to make my heart smile when I saw it.  She got right to it and I was surprised by how much I liked it.  She started with black for the pedals - and I thought, yikes, Mizzou colors.  Not what I was going for.  She then added some red and bam - loved it.  Yellow and pretty designs - LOVE.

It was not 'till I was back in the van that I noticed a bit more - five beautiful white steaks at the top of each big toe {btw, your Mommy does not like the word toe, just sounds so weird and then put the word big in front of it and so unpretty. Ha!}.  

But, five.  Now that is a word I like.  You are our fifth little one.

Oh goodness - Jesus amazes me!!

It is those sweet, unexpected, unexplainable, simple, seemingly small - yet not small - moments that remind me our Lord cares about every. little. thing.

i love you
& miss you


  1. Ahh. I love it. Gives me goosebumps... He truly does care about the seemingly small, insignificant things in life. I love the way He loves!

    1. Oh Megan! Yes, He surely does!! Much love to you, dear friend ♥